The start of a journey

1017722_10151788239693554_1436494604_nThey day we decided we are going to adopt, was maybe the most important, exciting and scariest day of our lives. We knew it was going to be anything but easy. Not everybody in our lives will be happy. Especially since I’m from a very conservative Afrikaans family and we know that our baby will not be ‘white’… And although we are still waiting for her to arrive, we know that we will soon have her in our home and then our family will be complete.

We have done all the paper work and now we just wait. We were hoping that she will be home before Christmas, but we also know that these things takes time. We started with steps to adopt in May. So it will be close to a year before we actually have Sky. But we know that the moment we have her in our arms – the trouble, paperwork, fights and money would mean nothing in comparison to the joy we will experience.

This blog will follow our journey. We know how many of our friends and family can’t wait to meet her and are just as excited as what we are. So this will keep everybody updated….

But for now…. We wait……………….


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