Getting ready

It’s the little things we never thought of that is surprising us every day… And the new technology… I soooo need one of those electronic nappy disposer thingies. Luckily no breastpumps here! Whoohoo!! I’m trying to not buy the smaller things as my friends are all on a permanent state of readiness to through us a baby shower of note!! So I think I should start putting together a list of things I would “like” and they can then choose. Like our own baby-registry.


We got the cutest camping cot – a pink one of course. There was a pink one on display but they had no stock, only green and brown ones. L refused to take another color, only the best for his princess. So after searching they found us a pink one on display in another shop that’s in perfect condition.



I also needed a very good pram as I love walking (and need to exercise a lot)… So we got a runner’s pram. I just love the way it handles. I’m getting to be a pro on it, although Tribble thinks it’s his and wants to sleep in the basket the whole time!



Tribble takinga ride….



I will later show you the smaller things and duvets đŸ™‚


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