Our prayers for the New Year

2014 will most probably the most exciting year we will ever have. They year we get our little Sky. As we decided to only have one child, this year will be IT!! Thinking about it makes my heart stop – literally… It’s so exciting but also so scary.

But as we go into the new year, our wishes for Sky is that she will always know how much she is loved. She’s not even part of our lives and we already love her. That she will know that we did everything we could to make her part of our lives. From going for police clearance to stating if we have flat feet! (Goodness knows why!) We pray that no matter what happened in the few months up to now she will feel part of our family immediately and that nothing that has happened this far will have a lasting effect on her. That her life will really start the moment she is placed in our arms.

And fun – we pray for fun. We can’t wait for the first birthday party, the first family shoot, the first ice cream, the first walk at the beach, the first of everything!

And joy. We can’t wait to see her joy seeing her first Christmas. Her first toys.


Got this for her the other day… Her first year in pics!!

And laughter. We pray that everyday will have more laughter than tears. More good than bad.

The first step. That we can share it with her. That we are part of all the firsts in her life.

Okay enough soppiness now!! I’m going to go buy her a  new years gift!! Ciao!!


2 thoughts on “Our prayers for the New Year

  1. I remember all these emotions while waiting for our own little rainbow…I wish you guys all the best! So excited on your behalf and I pray that God grants you a speedy process!!!

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