Tell me a story

I was very lucky growing up to have two parents who loved reading and storytelling. My mother would spend ages reading stories to me – everything from basic baby books like The Hungry Caterpillar and My Cat through to the Dr Seuss and Enid Blyton stories, many of them so many times the books started falling apart.
Being a stay at home mom, she had the most time to spend with me, but my dad really helped my love of reading by writing me my own bedtime story books.
Every night when he got home from work he would write and draw one more page of the story, adding in my favourite characters from other books as well as ones from his own imagination.
If we’d been to visit the zoo or a museum, that would end up in the story. When he bought a new car, it would come into the story.
But the books served a double role – not only were they fun, but they kept introducing new words to help me learn to read.
I am determined to carry on this legacy and do the same for Sky when she arrives.
As well as still having my dad’s books plus lots of my other childhood favourites, I have already bought her a book of bedtime stories, a book of princess stories (because she’s going to be my little princess) and a really cool baby book about a knight, a princess and a horse called Sir Prance-a-lot.
I can’t wait for the day I can start reading stories for her, and creating her own unique books too.





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