I’ve started writing a blog at least 5 times this past week and then I just deleted it again. Sometimes it’s difficult not running away with things and we are at the moment at one of those situations where we are needing to take a step back and not share EVERYTHING with all of you.

Just know that we did have some ‘movement in the process’ this week that is very exciting but we aren’t allowed to just yet share of get excited about it.

So for now, we just ask prayers from all of our friends. That we will make the correct decisions and that everything will go according to God’s will. We know that we will get the baby that God wants us to have. And we are truly standing on that at the moment.

We want to thank you all for the love and support we receive from you all. We will update you on what is happening as soon as we have official answers.

We are having a final home visit this week and most probably will have more answers then. So we are cleaning and dusting and washing everything. So glad at least Sky’s room is ready!!! #exciting


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