Following in famous footsteps

We can’t wait to meet Sky, to hold her, tell her stories, put her to bed at night. We’ve been praying a lot during this journey and it really makes my heart glad to know that Sky will be starting a journey that both Moses and Jesus had in the Bible. Moses was adopted and kept safe by an Egyptian princess, while Joseph cared for Jesus although he was not biologically his own child.

Doing internet searches you can come up with a large number of famous adopted children. lists emperor Alexander the Great, philosopher Aristotle, author Charles Dickens, actresses Ingrid Bergman, Marilyn Monroe and  Halle Berry, musicians John Lennon, Debbie Harry and Faith Hill and Apple co-founder Steve Jobs among many others.

Moving to works of fiction, Superman was famously adopted as a baby, Star Wars characters Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia were sent away to keep them safe from their father, Darth Vader, while even Harry Potter was technically adopted by his aunt and uncle (not that they were great parenting role models for us!).

Who knows what Sky will accomplish one day, but for now, we’ll be happy for her just to be our baby.


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