Little bit of an update

We can’t say TOO much, but we are seeing the social worker n Thursday. We are very convinced that this will be the last visit before Sky’s home. 🙂

We are so excited and we know things are heading to the end now. But we have to keep focus.

I did not sleep at all last night. My mind was racing. I think for the first time reality hit. We are going to have a baby. We are going to be responsible for another human being – forever. We can’t send her back if we feel tired, we can’t refund her. This is a human being and we are going to be her parents. I must admin, my chest closes up just typing it. I know things will go okay and that she’s going to be such a blessing to us. But I’m 36 years old. My biggest responsibility up to this point was to make sure hubby has lunch and that I don’t kill the cats. This is a whole new level of commitment!!

And then not being able to sleep, things like – we have no clothes for her (we don’t know how big she is), we need nappies, ooh I forgot to buy a sheet for the cot, what if the social worker things the house is not childproof. And so it went on, the whole night… Yeah me…

I know if she’s here we will settle into a routine, but for now, I’m a bit freaking out!!

We will keep everybody updated as soon as she’s home 🙂


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