Sky’s coming HOME!!!!!!!!!!

Our last visit was today and we should have her next week – by the latest Wednesday. We saw a pic op her. She is PERFECT. She is so beautiful. She even has my nose (yes yes I know! But you will see!!).

She’s 3 months old and her 2 month period after the tummy mummy signed her off, is in fact over!! The dad still has until 20 Feb to pitch, but that’s very unlikely! So we will be able to get her next week and then officially adopt her as from the 20th.

We aren’t sure how we will sleep until then, but after a year of this process – it’s NOTHING to wait 6 days.

We can’t wait to show her to you all. She has the fattest little legs!


3 thoughts on “Sky’s coming HOME!!!!!!!!!!

  1. I am so excited for you! We have our final visit with our social worker on 4 Feb and then we wait… I am enjoying reading about you journey… please keep it up xxx BLESSINGS TO YOU

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