She’s home!

We finally took Sky home today. We started the day with a trip to the law courts where we had her officially transferred to our care, although we aren’t able to adopt her until the  20th of February, when the biological dad’s time to come forward expires. Once the formalities were over we headed over to the safe house to pick her up.

We spoke to her carer to find out all the details we could about her eating, sleeping habits etc, and then we were allowed to take her home.

As we were leaving the safe house, one of my best friends and his fiance happened to walk past outside (he swears he wasn’t stalking us!) so they got the sneak peak before everyone else.

Once we got home we bonded with her immediately. Trixi’s changed her nappy, bathed her, fed her. I’ve danced with her, read bedtime stories to her. It’s been a wonderful day.

We will upload photos of her as soon as we are allowed to, but at the moment we aren’t allowed to let anyone see her face until the day we officially adopt her.

Thank you everybody for all your supports, messages and prayers.


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