Does it feel the way you thought it would?

I think that’s the question I’ve been asked the most the last week. And yes, it does. Sky is everything I wanted, prayed and hoped for. She’s amazing. How many mothers can say that their child has not given them one sleepless night? As I’m sitting here, she’s sleeping on the floor. So peaceful. I’m growing more in love with her every day. And the feeling is mutual. She just wants her mommy (and yes the daddy as well – before I get into trouble 😉

We are so blessed to have her and so many supportive friends. She met daddy’s parents on Wednesday. Granddad has Alzheimer’s and we did not know how he will respond to her. But it was the most amazing thing. As we brought her into the room, he just gave her a look, grabbed his head and started crying. He kept on saying: “She’s so perfect, she’s so beautiful”. We had to comfort him. He wants to see her the whole time. We put her on the floor or in her carrier and the two of them will conduct. It’s so special. We really have to fight the tears every time we see it.





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