Four more days

Only four more days then we can officially adopt Sky. We tried to not think about it during this period but now that we can relax and the time is getting closer we are getting really excited. It was always at the back of my mind. So I know that as soon as the 20th arrives, I will be able to only then really relax. But it’s only 4 more days!! I’m literally praying the days away at this stage.


Sky is doing so good. She has a full mouth of teeth coming out. She’s only 3months and 2 weeks old, this should NOT be happening!! I feel so sorry for her. She is really moody, but luckily she is such an easy baby she’s no hassle at all.

I fall more in love with her every day. And she is becoming such a gorgeous little person. She is reacting to everything and everybody. But such a little drama queen. If I do something she does not agree with, I get a little lip. She knows how to work that lip!! Can’t wait to show everybody the famous lip ūüôā


Separation anxiety

It seems like ever since Sky came home with us I’ve had to work one extra-long day after the other. This means that often by the time I get home she’s already asleep and if like today I’ve had to do some work from home before going to the office, I haven’t really spent much time with her before work either.

I’m sure every parent goes through this, but I’m really feeling so torn. I need to work to get the money we need to pay for things (like formula, nappies etc etc).

But I really want to spend more time with her.



Learning to become a mom

I’ve babysat a lot in my life and my brother’s son basically grew up in my house. But being a full time mommy is a bit more ‘permanent’. There’s things that you just don’t think about. Things that you just wish you could ask somebody before you make a fool of yourself. Luckily I have an amazing Private¬†group on Facebook where I can ask my friends. They have really been so supporting in everything. I am blessed to have such amazing women in my life. They don’t necessarily agree on everything and I have realized the past 2 weeks that everybody has their own way of raising a baby! So we are playing it by ear a lot of the time.


Luckily Sky is such a calm baby that I’m not having to stress too much about anything specifically. And most of my friends can’t help with things such as – HOW DO I COMB HER HAIR!! But I’ve become an expert on youtube and luckily some of my friends can actually help! I’ve learned to just keep my sense of humour in everything. Like the first time I had to buy Dark and Lovely I was tickled pink. I found it hilarious. Also when Sky is on my lap and Tribble (the ginger cat) fights over me, I find it funny. They are basically the same age. I always said I wanted twins, a boy and girl. Never did I imagine my twins would be a beautiful dark girl and a ginger hairy cat! But they are our twins and we love them!! A lesson in faith, when you ask for something – be VERY specific! God has just as good a sense of humour¬†as what we do!

I found an amazing website today to help me to keep her busy and do some exercised with her. It really helped as she is PASSED out tonight


Also found a very nice music video on youtube to help her sleep (not that she needs it – but it does calm her down)

She seems to be teething. She’s only 3 months and a week old!!¬†But there seems to be two teeth on her bottom gum. There’s drool EVERYWHERE. But other than the drool and her constant pulling on her ear she seems to¬†be PERFECT.

That’s enough of my chitter chatter for tonight. Hubby just¬†got home so let me be super wife and feed the man!







What you talkin’ ’bout Willis?

It’s strange that while the SABC was used as a propaganda tool in the 1980s to try to perpetuate the apartheid doctrine, two popular American programmes which the broadcaster had no problem in showing were Diff’rent Strokes and Webster.

Both involved white families adopting black children.

Diff’rent Strokes ran in the US from 1978 to 1985 (I think in SA we still had it on screen into the early ’90s) and told the story of a white man who adopted his deceased employee’s children Arnold and Willis who became brothers to his biological daughter, Kimberley.

Webster ran from 1983 to 1987 and also featured a black child whose biological parents had died and was adopted by his white godparents.

Maybe by showing these programmes the SABC was trying to prove that the only way black people could be uplifted was by being guided by white people, or some other weird racist ideology.

But for the children watching these shows three decades ago, it has led to a generation of South Africans who are more than happy to adopt children of another race.

If Trixi and I lived in a bubble, I don’t think we’d ever think of Sky as black – she’s our daughter, end of story. But we are aware of the realities of other people’s prejudices and will do everything in our power to make her prepared for when she has to face the outside world, but at the same time make her know that she is loved unconditionally at home and that she should not judge others based on race, culture, religion or circumstance.