Four more days

Only four more days then we can officially adopt Sky. We tried to not think about it during this period but now that we can relax and the time is getting closer we are getting really excited. It was always at the back of my mind. So I know that as soon as the 20th arrives, I will be able to only then really relax. But it’s only 4 more days!! I’m literally praying the days away at this stage.


Sky is doing so good. She has a full mouth of teeth coming out. She’s only 3months and 2 weeks old, this should NOT be happening!! I feel so sorry for her. She is really moody, but luckily she is such an easy baby she’s no hassle at all.

I fall more in love with her every day. And she is becoming such a gorgeous little person. She is reacting to everything and everybody. But such a little drama queen. If I do something she does not agree with, I get a little lip. She knows how to work that lip!! Can’t wait to show everybody the famous lip 🙂


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