Scorpio much

Our little Scorpio has made it very clear that we are living with a Scorpio in the home the last few days. Taking too long with her bottle, not turning her on her back or tummy quick enough of just giving her a look she does not approve off will turn into one huge tantrum. Kicking and slapping the air and crying until it seems that she’s going to loose her breath and pass out. With a Virgo dad and Gemini mom, this cause a lot of interesting situations in the home. Mom wants to show her WHO is the boss and dad wants to run away. I have a feeling poor hubby is going to be caught in the middle a LOT. I’m not sure if I must get him some Rescue or let him get popcorn to see the fights! Hehehe.

My friends are all talking about their pre-teens slamming doors etc and I’m thinking to myself – I see this happening in our home. I promise you that doors will be taken off in rooms if need be!! So watch this space, there will be lots of entertainment going on here….

But most of all, I love her soooo much. I love the fact that she is strong. That she knows what she wants even at the age of 5 months old. And yesterday when hubby fell of a flight of stairs with her every mother instinct in me, kicked in. Even before I heard her cry, I heard a thump and just KNEW she needed me. Somebody told me a while ago that I will NEVER know a mother’s heart because I will never BE a mom. Well I have news for her. I am a mom with my whole heart.


Daddy issues

We all of a sudden have a bit of daddy issues in our home. Sky is calm and so happy until daddy leaves for work. She then starts crying and it’s just ‘dadda dadda dadda’ for the rest of the day or until she passes out from pure exhaustion. Today was a bit better as we had some friends coming over and she did sleep a while as well.

Hubby must think I’m crazy. When he walks in, she is pure sweetness and calmness, he leaves and she turns into a crying machine. But I’m just happy that she is calmer today. She really has been giving me some wild days….






Museums and memories

On Saturday we took Sky to the museum at Bayworld here in Port Elizabeth. You may ask how much can a four-month-old take in about a museum.

I think quite a lot.

Having grown up in the Gauteng region, I still have memories of my earliest visits to the Museum of Natural History in Pretoria, even of exhibits that closed before I was two-years-old. I also remember loving exploring Santarama Miniland (which I read on the internet is in desperate need of renovation).

Taking Sky around Bayworld, she enjoyed the dinosaurs (just like her daddy used to), and also was very interested in their collection of shells, seaweed and water creatures. (She may have thought she was watching an episode of SpongeBob SquarePants!)

But once we got to the upstairs area where the cultural history is, she fell asleep (hmmmm, not likely to share daddy’s interest in antiques and political history!)

Overall it was a great outing though, and I can’t wait to take her on other outings as she grows up!


Growing up too fast

We got Sky not even two months ago. And the transformation is incredible. She could not lift her head and only had hungry and sleepy and pain noises. Now she sits up and can almost sit by herself. We do make sure we hold her, for in case, but she is improving so quickly. She also started saying words. We know it’s not officially words yet, she is just mimicking sounds. Even my tone in my voice. But last night while feeding her, she kept on saying ‘dadda’ and pointing to the door. Usually when she eats, hubby gets home. She is such an intelligent little girl and we are so proud of her.

The fact that she took to eating so soon is also amazing. When I put her in her little chair and go to fetch her food she starts kicking and laughing. When she sees the food she opens her mouth and starts laughing.

We are super PROUD!


Little Diva and the hair issue

The first time I bought a bottle of Dark & Lovely I cracked myself. Who would have thought that I would ever need to handle curly, natural hair? I have the straightest hair ever. Not even curlers, hot irons etc can make a kink in this hair. Now to deal with this curly natural hair was overwhelming to say the least. I think it’s the thing I was most scared off adopting Sky. But I must say that things are improving daily and playing with her hair has become such a bonding experience and she loves me doing her hair. Tonight I took her ‘bubbles’ out. Yes I call it bubbles, I don’t have another word for it.

With bubbles:



After I took it out, look at our Afro!


It’s coming on so nicely. I ‘studied” (yes googling and youtubing is studying) a technique called Shingling to define the natural curl more, causing it to have a soft curl. Her hair is a bit short for it at the moment, but I can already see a difference after it was washed this evening.

Her hair is still falling out, a natural thing that occurs. So as soon as the new hair is long enough, we will be sharing so many styles with you. This is really a learning process.

And the thing everybody that comes in contact with her always asks and wants to feel is the texture of her hair. Everybody’s reaction is always the same – Oh it’s SOFT! Yes it’s soft….


True acceptance

It really does  my heart so good to hear my mother in law mention that Sky might have allergies as the both of us have allergies. She totally forgets that Sky does not have our genes. She really accepted her as her own grandchild. My father in law has Alzheimers and mostly don’t remember anything or anyone. But after todays visit he remembered Sky being there and what they did. He even asks for her sometimes. Not by name, but he knows there’s a baby.

Our little gift is so loved, our friends adore her. At least once a week I have somebody just pop in to give her hugs and kisses. She really spreads joy everywhere and for more we could never ask.

Tonight I just feel so blessed and humbled by all the love we are receiving.


Get this party started

One thing that has definitely changed since we adopted Sky is that we don’t go out as much. By the evening we’re both tired, it’s her bedtime and we just slump down in front of the TV or with a book. 

Yesterday Sky got her first party invitation, an invite to a friend’s baby’s first birthday. That’s when it struck us. 

Our baby has a better social life than we do! 

Party on, Sky!