Is there a doctor in the house?

It’s funny how when you’re a parent things which you never showed the slightest interest in before can fill your heart with joy.

Today the social worker mailed us a document from the magistrate’s court giving us the go-ahead to add Sky to our medical aid although she’s still not officially adopted yet.

Overall Sky is a very healthy baby, we don’t really have any problems with her. But her tummy is still not working quite as it should. We often go a worrying number of days between dirty nappies and can see she’s in pain when she’s trying to make one. So to know that if we do go to see a doctor that she will fall under our medical aid is one of those little victories that brings a smile to a dad’s face.

To fill everyone in on other developments, Sky is growing incredibly quickly – almost up to 9kg now, even though she is only four months old.

We took her in to meet my colleagues last week and had a great belated baby shower for her.

She’s started going to a day mother once a week just to get used to being around other children and to give Mommy a much-needed break, and Sky is adjusting very well, no problems at all so far.

And our cats have really taken on the roles as big brother and sister, always looking out for her and wanted to cuddle with her.


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