Things they never tell you

Things they never tell you when you are going to have a baby –

1. That you will applaud a dirty nappy! Yes you will!! Sky has been struggling with constipation for weeks and a dirty nappy is just SUCH a relief.

2. That you will become overwhelmed – a LOT. It’s so overwhelming when she is sick and there is just nothing you can do for her. And this makes you on edge and you snap at everybody (read – poor hubby).

3. That you will get advice from everybody and anybody without asking for it. Even sometimes from people that don’t even have their own children. Those are usually the ones that knows best.

4. That your days will just mash into each other, you don’t know how the hours just disappear, esp if you work from home.

5. That your natural instincts to protect your child will kick in as soon as it needs to. I went at somebody really hard yesterday for saying something negative about Sky.

6. That 4 month olds do have a will of their own and they will let you know when they aren’t happy with you. Sky wanted her bottle this morning and she needs to take her meds first. She actually spat at me with her meds.

7. That you will never be clean again. I’ve been spit on, pooped on, puked on, farted on, drooled on and had milk and purity all over me.

8. They never told you that even through all of these things, nothing will make you happier than seeing her being really silly. She has the best sense of humour, even at 4 months old. This morning I tried dressing her. Yes TRIED. When I put her nappy on, she unties it herself when I turn around. When I wanted to put her pants on, she would cross her legs and laugh. Refusing for me to put it on her. When I tried to put her top on, she would make a fist and put her whole hand in her mouth, screaming with laughter if I try to take it from her. When at last I got her hand in the sleeve, she would open it, causing her fingers to get stuck and she would close it again, grabbing hold of the sleeve. And she has a grip on her!

These are really the joys of parenthood. She is becoming such a little girl, with her own will, own sense of humour and own moods. We are so blessed to be able to share this journey with her.

Oh and the most important they never tell you. You will be the riches people on earth, the only thing you won’t have is money….


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