Little Diva and the hair issue

The first time I bought a bottle of Dark & Lovely I cracked myself. Who would have thought that I would ever need to handle curly, natural hair? I have the straightest hair ever. Not even curlers, hot irons etc can make a kink in this hair. Now to deal with this curly natural hair was overwhelming to say the least. I think it’s the thing I was most scared off adopting Sky. But I must say that things are improving daily and playing with her hair has become such a bonding experience and she loves me doing her hair. Tonight I took her ‘bubbles’ out. Yes I call it bubbles, I don’t have another word for it.

With bubbles:



After I took it out, look at our Afro!


It’s coming on so nicely. I ‘studied” (yes googling and youtubing is studying) a technique called Shingling to define the natural curl more, causing it to have a soft curl. Her hair is a bit short for it at the moment, but I can already see a difference after it was washed this evening.

Her hair is still falling out, a natural thing that occurs. So as soon as the new hair is long enough, we will be sharing so many styles with you. This is really a learning process.

And the thing everybody that comes in contact with her always asks and wants to feel is the texture of her hair. Everybody’s reaction is always the same – Oh it’s SOFT! Yes it’s soft….


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