Growing up too fast

We got Sky not even two months ago. And the transformation is incredible. She could not lift her head and only had hungry and sleepy and pain noises. Now she sits up and can almost sit by herself. We do make sure we hold her, for in case, but she is improving so quickly. She also started saying words. We know it’s not officially words yet, she is just mimicking sounds. Even my tone in my voice. But last night while feeding her, she kept on saying ‘dadda’ and pointing to the door. Usually when she eats, hubby gets home. She is such an intelligent little girl and we are so proud of her.

The fact that she took to eating so soon is also amazing. When I put her in her little chair and go to fetch her food she starts kicking and laughing. When she sees the food she opens her mouth and starts laughing.

We are super PROUD!


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