Scorpio much

Our little Scorpio has made it very clear that we are living with a Scorpio in the home the last few days. Taking too long with her bottle, not turning her on her back or tummy quick enough of just giving her a look she does not approve off will turn into one huge tantrum. Kicking and slapping the air and crying until it seems that she’s going to loose her breath and pass out. With a Virgo dad and Gemini mom, this cause a lot of interesting situations in the home. Mom wants to show her WHO is the boss and dad wants to run away. I have a feeling poor hubby is going to be caught in the middle a LOT. I’m not sure if I must get him some Rescue or let him get popcorn to see the fights! Hehehe.

My friends are all talking about their pre-teens slamming doors etc and I’m thinking to myself – I see this happening in our home. I promise you that doors will be taken off in rooms if need be!! So watch this space, there will be lots of entertainment going on here….

But most of all, I love her soooo much. I love the fact that she is strong. That she knows what she wants even at the age of 5 months old. And yesterday when hubby fell of a flight of stairs with her every mother instinct in me, kicked in. Even before I heard her cry, I heard a thump and just KNEW she needed me. Somebody told me a while ago that I will NEVER know a mother’s heart because I will never BE a mom. Well I have news for her. I am a mom with my whole heart.


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