Our baby all grown up (Well almost)

I can’t believe that Sky will be 6 months old this week. She is not only saying momma and dadda but also nanna and mmmm is yogurt and babba when she wants attention. She slept in her own room last night and there was no problems at all. We had the baby monitor on and she only woke up at 5:45 after going to bed at 7:30. She is rolling over by herself and we expect that she will be crawling very soon. I can’t believe she is developing so quickly. It’s so awesome to see her learning new things all the time. She is a handful, but we are loving her quirks.

She loves Babynastics and the roller we use to roll her on has became one of her favourite toys



Sky is going to meet her Oupa

I don’t mention my dad a lot, as they stay in Beaufort West and we only see them about once a year. My dad is married to a woman about 4 years older than me, so I call her on her name, but Sky will have an oupa and ouma 🙂 They have 3 children together and they are now 10, 15 and 16. They are very excited to meet Sky and we decided to visit them the end of next month. They are already planning activities but the most important to me is that Sky will feel that she does have grandparents from my side as well. Hearing my dad’s wife saying she want to meet her grandchild really means so much to me, seeing the rest of the family won’t even acknowledge her existence.

So we are making plans and organizing to have a nice family road trip. It’s the week of my birthday, so I’m going to have a LOOONG birthday this year.


This mommy thing

It’s been such an emotional time for me the past few weeks. Not only building the studio, then finding out our floors were put in wrong and they had to take everything out, to find out that the floors themselves broke and they had to put in new cement before they could put in the laminated flooring. Then to realize the shower is leaking and they have to re-do the shower. All this while going through some real medical difficulties. I’m so weak and just walking down the street to fetch Sky from the daymother seems to be too much effort. We actually decided from next month that Sky will go there every day during the week. I’m not coping with running a business and dealing with a VERY busy 5 month old.


She is becoming so cute, but she realizes that she can get away with a lot because of her cuteness. When I put her down to deal with something, she throws the mother of all tantrums. She actually turns blue in the face. When you come closer to see what is wrong, she starts laughing, smiles and gives you this little ‘pull-up nose-thing’. It’s cute when I have the time or energy. But after a long night of feeling sick and dealing with building work and customers and and and, it just gets too much.


I discovered that she can sit in the Bumbo seat today. So I’m sure I’ll be using that more from now on. We bought her a lot of toys that she can push the button and it plays music etc. I just need to find a way to keep her busy. The daymother is going away for the next 2 weeks so I will have to make a way to keep everybody happy and ALIVE…




Life happens

Life happens and it happens a lot when you are planning other things. We had to replace our floors in the house and while pulling up the old floors they discovered the floors right through the house is so damaged that they will need to put in new floors where they can’t repair it. So for two days we are stuck in our room or have to be ‘out’. They also discovered the shower leaking and had to replace that. It really feels like things just keeps on piling up. And I have some real bad health issues at the moment causing me to be really weak. This has resulted in Sky going to the daymother from 9 until 4 / 5pm. I’m sitting here in a cloud of dust and can’t have her in this wet, dangerous dust. But this has also given me some time to catch up on work, etc. It also made me realize that having a daymother on a more permanent basis for Sky might be the best for all of us. I’m not a stay at home mom, I’m a work at home mom. And having to deal with customers, editing, advertising and Sky wanting attention all the time sometimes becomes too much. And obviously it made me feel like a bad mom, not being able to cope with everything. But after some really deep though I’ve decided that it’s the best for all of us. I’m much more calm when she is at the daymother and comes home in the afternoons and my work is up to date. So we decided to send her to the daymother in the mornings. It will give me so much more time and more time to play with her as well.


So let’s hope all is going to be sorted out soon and we will have a normal (well sort of normal) life soon…


Falling in love is hard on the knees

On Saturday we went to a local charity shop and due to Trixi’s fear of heights, she stayed at the bottom level while I took Sky to look around the books, puzzles and toys on the upper level.

Coming down the metal stairs, my foot gave way under me and I had a nasty fall – with Sky in my arms.

Superdaddy instincts kicked in and I cradled her in my arms making sure I took the full impact of the fall, and although she screamed and cried from the shock of falling, physically she was fine.

I on the other hand (or foot) have a leg which is badly scraped and a foot which is turning different shades of purple.

But at least I know without a doubt, even though she is not my biological child, I would sacrifice my own wellbeing to make sure no harm comes to my beautiful daughter.

Trixi’s supermommy instincts also kicked in – she rushed from the other side of the shop to our aid the second she heard the thump – it could have been any customer, but she instinctively knew it was Sky and myself.

PS my apologies to Aerosmith for “borrowing” their song title for this blog post.