Falling in love is hard on the knees

On Saturday we went to a local charity shop and due to Trixi’s fear of heights, she stayed at the bottom level while I took Sky to look around the books, puzzles and toys on the upper level.

Coming down the metal stairs, my foot gave way under me and I had a nasty fall – with Sky in my arms.

Superdaddy instincts kicked in and I cradled her in my arms making sure I took the full impact of the fall, and although she screamed and cried from the shock of falling, physically she was fine.

I on the other hand (or foot) have a leg which is badly scraped and a foot which is turning different shades of purple.

But at least I know without a doubt, even though she is not my biological child, I would sacrifice my own wellbeing to make sure no harm comes to my beautiful daughter.

Trixi’s supermommy instincts also kicked in – she rushed from the other side of the shop to our aid the second she heard the thump – it could have been any customer, but she instinctively knew it was Sky and myself.

PS my apologies to Aerosmith for “borrowing” their song title for this blog post.


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