Life happens

Life happens and it happens a lot when you are planning other things. We had to replace our floors in the house and while pulling up the old floors they discovered the floors right through the house is so damaged that they will need to put in new floors where they can’t repair it. So for two days we are stuck in our room or have to be ‘out’. They also discovered the shower leaking and had to replace that. It really feels like things just keeps on piling up. And I have some real bad health issues at the moment causing me to be really weak. This has resulted in Sky going to the daymother from 9 until 4 / 5pm. I’m sitting here in a cloud of dust and can’t have her in this wet, dangerous dust. But this has also given me some time to catch up on work, etc. It also made me realize that having a daymother on a more permanent basis for Sky might be the best for all of us. I’m not a stay at home mom, I’m a work at home mom. And having to deal with customers, editing, advertising and Sky wanting attention all the time sometimes becomes too much. And obviously it made me feel like a bad mom, not being able to cope with everything. But after some really deep though I’ve decided that it’s the best for all of us. I’m much more calm when she is at the daymother and comes home in the afternoons and my work is up to date. So we decided to send her to the daymother in the mornings. It will give me so much more time and more time to play with her as well.


So let’s hope all is going to be sorted out soon and we will have a normal (well sort of normal) life soon…


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