Sky is going to meet her Oupa

I don’t mention my dad a lot, as they stay in Beaufort West and we only see them about once a year. My dad is married to a woman about 4 years older than me, so I call her on her name, but Sky will have an oupa and ouma 🙂 They have 3 children together and they are now 10, 15 and 16. They are very excited to meet Sky and we decided to visit them the end of next month. They are already planning activities but the most important to me is that Sky will feel that she does have grandparents from my side as well. Hearing my dad’s wife saying she want to meet her grandchild really means so much to me, seeing the rest of the family won’t even acknowledge her existence.

So we are making plans and organizing to have a nice family road trip. It’s the week of my birthday, so I’m going to have a LOOONG birthday this year.


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