Diva with spunk

Our little diva has turned 7 months old this week and all the 7 month moods kicked in. The head shaking – it seems like she is saying NO to EVERYTHING. I think she must be dizzy by now. And the SCREAMING! Nobody tells you these things before the time (thanks guys)..  She can be a opera diva so music lessons it will be 🙂


All her teeth are sitting under the skin but not coming through so she’s really moody. I really feel so sorry for her.


But other than that she is getting cuter by the minute. She is kissing and hugging us, but oh the DROOL that goes with it! But so worth it 🙂




She wore shoes for the first time today. Usually it’s slippers as her feet just won’t allow the shoes to stay on. But the sneakers stayed (well almost). She looked SOOOOO cute!


Birthdays and Christmas and special days

Last weekend Sky was invited to a birthday party. So getting her dressed, I talk to her and tell her that I can’t wait for her to have her birthday and we are going to have such a cool party and then not long after that she will have her first Christmas. And then it hit me – no, it won’t be her first Christmas. She spent her first Christmas in a home for abandoned babies… Yes we will make it up to her and she will have the best ever Christmas with us. But it just sadden me so much to think my baby spent her first Christmas away from us, not having any gifts etc. And how many other babies are still out there, not being taken care of – no special birthdays, Christmas or any other days that can be made special for them.

I’m going to think of a way to at least give a few gifts to the place where Sky was before we got her. If we can give love to these abandoned babies, it’s our duty to do so.


It also got me thinking, how much do we really pay it forward. I’m not saying it because I’m part of the group, but only as an example. Our friend that passed away a few weeks ago was very ill before her death. She had children and a husband. A group of us got together, phoned a take away company close to them and they are delivering a meal to the family every night. After her death we didn’t use them for a while as a lot of people brought food (like they always do). But then it stops, people go on with their lives and the family left behind has to start coping. But we luckily had enough credit to continue buying food for the family for at least the next month. Every night the father gets home, at least we know he does not have to stress about cooking for the boys. It’s a small thing, we all basically paid for one night’s take aways, as we are a few in the group of friends. And we are going to continue for a while, to make sure he gets back on his feet and can cope with everything….


So my question is – when last did you pay it forward?


Mother of the year award goes to…

Not me today! I dropped Sky out of her stroller!! Thank goodness she was not strapped in, as it would have caused her a lot more damage. I walked into the daymother’s yard and her little dog tried getting into the street. I tried stopping him, and forgot I put the brakes on Sky’s stroller. Pulled her backwards and the whole thing just tipped, causing her to flop forward and she did the most perfect cartwheel in history! She did not get injured at all and after the shock passed, thought it was very funny. But I felt soooooo bad. I know these things ‘happens’ but still you feel like such a jerk.


She’s playing happily here with me and she’s up to all sorts of trouble with Tribble, so I know she’s fine. But I’m still checking her.
Oh and while I’m typing this she figured out how a dummy works! Whooohooo! She refuses dummies, but she just took the dummy and put it in her mouth. Sky for the win!



After having a lot of problems with Sky’s teething I’ve started searching for things to help and I came across Jelligumz. It’s fashion jewellery that you wear but your baby can chew on them while you are out and about. Helping with teething and fashion, you got my attention!! So much so that I contacted the owners and I am now the only distributor of Jelligumz in the Eastern Cape. I am so impressed with their products and as a bonus I discovered that they are the original company that launched in the UK, with the amber teething necklaces. So I will be stocking them as well.


 Here’s a link to the page on the blog:




I must admit, first I thought I was a bad mom for sending Sky to a daymother even though I work from home. But I do exactly that – I WORK from home. I’m not a stay at home mom, I’m a work from home mom. And now that I have made peace with the fact, I can embrace the whole thing. Sky is growing up not only with us who love and adore her (and yes, I like my child a LOT more when I’m not around her the whole day – those who wants to judge, you are welcome), but also another loving family where she gets to interact with another family and their little girl. The two of them love each other. Taylor just wants to play with ‘her Sky’… She tucks her in, brings bottles and helps her mommy with Sky. She is just too adorable. And we won’t have another baby (soon in anyway).. So this is the only ‘sister’ Sky will know. And to me, that just broadens her horizons. When I go to fetch her at 2pm, she is happy but oh so tired. She just enjoys Taylor so much and it calms her down. Just gets all her energy out of her.


Today she has found another pitch in her voice. The highest one possible (Oh Lordy I hope!) she is LOUD. It sounds like the windows are vibrating every time she starts screaming. The poor daymother thought that something was wrong with her, although I did warn her that she should expect some really high pitch sounds from that little body today.


It’s just an amazing experience. She has something new everyday. Yesterday I walked into the room and she looked up and said: Hey girl… (I take responsibility). She greets everybody – hey jy. And WOW, Whoa and NEE has made it into the vocabulary as well. She’s definitely going to be bilingual – although we know that we will need to send her for Xhosa lessons as soon as possible. It’s very important to us that we keep her identity. She’ s African, she needs to speak an African language. We have also decided to keep the name her tummy mummy gave her as her middle name. A Xhosa name will help her to know that we excepts everything about her. Oh and I believe a child should have a middle name, how else will they know they are in trouble?


Sick Baby

Running for the hills seems to be a good idea today. Sky is just ‘snotty’ today. I had to keep her home and not let her go to the daymother. I have a feeling it’s her teeth, but she refuses to sleep, don’t want to do anything. She is basically just miserable. I really hope she feels better soon. I’m not used to her being grumpy. She’s usually such a happy baby, so this is new to me. She woke up this morning with her whole mouth filled with little white bumps where the teeth will be soon. So I have a feeling one morning in the very near future she’s going to wake up with a mouth full of teeth!


But until then, I’m going to need either medication for her, or wine for me…


My first Mother’s day!

Yes, my first Mother’s Day as a mom! So for the first time in years I’m not fearing the day. I usually HATE the day. So much so that I wouldn’t get up on mother’s day. At all. I won’t go out of the house. I won’t go to church, ESP not to church. All the little ones handing out little gifts would make me sick to my stomach. I would just pretend the day never existed. Pigging out in front of the television watching anything but soppy movies.


So for the first time this year, I am a mom. I don’t have to pretend it doesn’t hurt. I don’t have to see the eyes of those who realize the pain and them trying to ‘make it better’. I am actually looking forward to Mother’s DAY!! I know it’s only through Grace and we are really really blessed to be able to say we are parents.

It’s difficult to explain the feeling to anybody that has not been in our situation. Somebody that never had to get the ‘ai shame’ look every time they would have something about moms and all your friends gets to enjoy something and you have to sit, watching their handbags. And people act differently. Some would pretend to not notice (we like those). Some would give you the ‘oh my heart is breaking for you’ look (we appreciate those, but don’t want them in public where you might burst out in tears). And some are just totally oblivious to your feelings and come show off their gifts (some days we like those, some days we hate them – depending on the hormone treatment you are on)…

So although I’m going to have a heart full of joy this year, I ask you to spare a moment for those who aren’t moms yet. Those who long to be one. Those who have babies in heaven that can’t give them a gift. And whatever your situation is,just realize that although they pretend to not care, they really do…