I must admit, first I thought I was a bad mom for sending Sky to a daymother even though I work from home. But I do exactly that – I WORK from home. I’m not a stay at home mom, I’m a work from home mom. And now that I have made peace with the fact, I can embrace the whole thing. Sky is growing up not only with us who love and adore her (and yes, I like my child a LOT more when I’m not around her the whole day – those who wants to judge, you are welcome), but also another loving family where she gets to interact with another family and their little girl. The two of them love each other. Taylor just wants to play with ‘her Sky’… She tucks her in, brings bottles and helps her mommy with Sky. She is just too adorable. And we won’t have another baby (soon in anyway).. So this is the only ‘sister’ Sky will know. And to me, that just broadens her horizons. When I go to fetch her at 2pm, she is happy but oh so tired. She just enjoys Taylor so much and it calms her down. Just gets all her energy out of her.


Today she has found another pitch in her voice. The highest one possible (Oh Lordy I hope!) she is LOUD. It sounds like the windows are vibrating every time she starts screaming. The poor daymother thought that something was wrong with her, although I did warn her that she should expect some really high pitch sounds from that little body today.


It’s just an amazing experience. She has something new everyday. Yesterday I walked into the room and she looked up and said: Hey girl… (I take responsibility). She greets everybody – hey jy. And WOW, Whoa and NEE has made it into the vocabulary as well. She’s definitely going to be bilingual – although we know that we will need to send her for Xhosa lessons as soon as possible. It’s very important to us that we keep her identity. She’ s African, she needs to speak an African language. We have also decided to keep the name her tummy mummy gave her as her middle name. A Xhosa name will help her to know that we excepts everything about her. Oh and I believe a child should have a middle name, how else will they know they are in trouble?


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