Mother of the year award goes to…

Not me today! I dropped Sky out of her stroller!! Thank goodness she was not strapped in, as it would have caused her a lot more damage. I walked into the daymother’s yard and her little dog tried getting into the street. I tried stopping him, and forgot I put the brakes on Sky’s stroller. Pulled her backwards and the whole thing just tipped, causing her to flop forward and she did the most perfect cartwheel in history! She did not get injured at all and after the shock passed, thought it was very funny. But I felt soooooo bad. I know these things ‘happens’ but still you feel like such a jerk.


She’s playing happily here with me and she’s up to all sorts of trouble with Tribble, so I know she’s fine. But I’m still checking her.
Oh and while I’m typing this she figured out how a dummy works! Whooohooo! She refuses dummies, but she just took the dummy and put it in her mouth. Sky for the win!


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