Birthdays and Christmas and special days

Last weekend Sky was invited to a birthday party. So getting her dressed, I talk to her and tell her that I can’t wait for her to have her birthday and we are going to have such a cool party and then not long after that she will have her first Christmas. And then it hit me – no, it won’t be her first Christmas. She spent her first Christmas in a home for abandoned babies… Yes we will make it up to her and she will have the best ever Christmas with us. But it just sadden me so much to think my baby spent her first Christmas away from us, not having any gifts etc. And how many other babies are still out there, not being taken care of – no special birthdays, Christmas or any other days that can be made special for them.

I’m going to think of a way to at least give a few gifts to the place where Sky was before we got her. If we can give love to these abandoned babies, it’s our duty to do so.


It also got me thinking, how much do we really pay it forward. I’m not saying it because I’m part of the group, but only as an example. Our friend that passed away a few weeks ago was very ill before her death. She had children and a husband. A group of us got together, phoned a take away company close to them and they are delivering a meal to the family every night. After her death we didn’t use them for a while as a lot of people brought food (like they always do). But then it stops, people go on with their lives and the family left behind has to start coping. But we luckily had enough credit to continue buying food for the family for at least the next month. Every night the father gets home, at least we know he does not have to stress about cooking for the boys. It’s a small thing, we all basically paid for one night’s take aways, as we are a few in the group of friends. And we are going to continue for a while, to make sure he gets back on his feet and can cope with everything….


So my question is – when last did you pay it forward?


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