Jealous much

We all of a sudden have a problem with all little diva’s emotions kicking in. This morning Tribble, as always wanted to be on my lap with her. She pushed him off and said “my mamma”. I thought I must be hearing things. So we tested it with her daddy. When he kisses or hugs me, she starts screaming at him, hitting her hands in the air. In Afrikaans we have a saying – Hier kom n ding… Not sure how to handle this one as EVERYBODY wants a piece of mommy in this house. She’ll just have to share.


We also had a “yeah” moment. We have been struggling with her mobility. If we put her in the walker she walks (shuffles) everywhere but putting her on her back she can’t move. She can’t turn or get up. She will stay in the position crying or just goes to sleep. If I put her on her tummy to get her to crawl she starts crying and manages to get to her back. And then stays there. While her biological mother was pregnant with her, she hid the fact and Sky was born with very stiff muscles. Her one foot almost looked like a club foot, but it’s just the muscles. We have been doing exercises with her for it from the start, but I’m realizing more and more that her whole body’s muscles are stiff. I’m trying to do some BabyNastix with her, but she cries as soon as we start. It’s really frustrating as you don’t want your child to be uncomfortable but also know you have to do if for HER.

We are taking it day by day. And today really gave me a boost to just continue pushing her bit by bit. She managed to push herself up from her feeding pillow into a sitting position. And also managed to hold herself up on one arm. YEAH!!


Little singing diva


Sky has found that she can sing. She hates me taping her, so this is only a small sneak. When she starts – she just won’t stop. My head feels like it’s going to explode, but she’s so cute, how do you stop her!? 🙂




Cuteness and frustrations

We have so much fun with our little diva. But the system is also frustrating us to no end. Sky is still officially not on our name. They lost some or other form and we had to re-do everything. This is driving us positively batty.. But we know it’s only a piece of paper and that we just have to be patient. Urgh, whatever….


Sky has discovered that she can walk in her walking ring. What chaos we have! But also a lot of fun. She’s pulling on everything and her eyes misses nothing. I’m pretty sure the neighbours must think I have Tourette’s as I’m screaming – No. Nee. No. Nee randomly every 2 seconds. She knows the meaning of “no” now and that helps – well in theory. As she also discovered if she leaves something and just wait until I look away, she can just go for it again. Causing my cellphone to end up in 3 pieces on the floor. And asking her what she’s doing, results in her batting her eyes and smiling like butter could not melt in that cute little mouth. It makes it very hard to stay upset. I see lots of fights coming, but also lots of laughs. She’s so animated in everything she does. What a little character we have here. No dull moment in our home…


Where is the line? Who put the line there?

After a morning of going through Facebook and seeing some totally different perspectives it got me thinking. Firstly a friend of mine put up a painting a few days ago. She is the artist and to me it’s beautiful. But it is a painting of a ballerina with her bottom exposed. People deleted her off Facebook and had lots to say to her about it… she created a bit of a stir with her art. Secondly another friend found a picture of the snow queen – but her breasts are exposed. Again I saw the funny side while some others were outraged by the idea their kids could be Googling a naked Frozen character.

But it got me thinking, why do we make such a thing about a naked body? Is this the idea we want to give our kids – that a body is something shameful that needs to be hidden away? Does this not make the shame when something ‘bad’ happens to them even worse and they won’t tell us about it? Do I want my daughter to think her body is something shameful?

Should we not rather be telling our children that a body is something precious and beautiful and sacred? So sacred that they have the power over their own bodies and that it’s never okay that anybody makes you feel uncomfortable about their body?

I know not everybody agrees with me and I’m sure my own hubby has a different opinion on the matter, but I just think being TOO prudish is not good. Yes I do not believe in walking around half naked in public! And I don’t agree with pornography at all. But is seeing a woman’s breasts or her bottom really that bad? Don’t we just add to the whole thing? Making kids more curious about everything at an earlier age, wanting to experiment earlier and earlier. If it’s not something foreign to them but they understand the importance of taking care of themselves and respecting their bodies and those of others I really think we would have less problems.

So my question, where is the line? Who drew the line? Do we each have a different line? What happens when I don’t agree with your line, is it okay for me to force my line on you?

It just got me thinking….


Hair raising experience

What a hair raising experience we had yesterday. Sky has been struggling with a bald spot ever since we got her and I realized that it’s becoming bigger every time we wash her hair. Yesterday I washed her hair and starting combing it. To my totally shock and horror it all started coming loose. Like 90% of her hair just fell out! After a mini breakdown from me, she ended up totally bald! A new take on the Britney Spears saga. I had the breakdown, my child ended up bald! 😉

But I must say, she is totally rocking the bald look. And because it’s Winter she will be wearing a lot of beanies.

Port Elizabeth-20140617-02502 Port Elizabeth-20140617-02501 Port Elizabeth-20140617-02497







Sky’s first vacation

We took a break (well we are still on leave for a weak) and had a good trip. We went to Graaff Reinet, then Beaufort West, then George and then Tsitsikamma. We really enjoyed the break but I’m sooooo glad to be home. Sky has a very bad cold, although she seems so much better today. She really enjoyed meeting my family and they loved playing with her. It was precious to see my half-sisters and stepmom really bonding with her. My dad also tried bonding with her, but Sky is very shy when it comes to men all of a sudden. Unless it’s boys!

We stood in the queue at the pharmacy in Beaufort West and there was a little boy (about 18 months) with his parents behind us. The two were playing around and the next moment Sky pops out the boys dummy and tries to put it in her mouth! Thank goodness she had hers in her mouth already! We will have to watch this little diva – swopping dummies with boys at this age already! 😉


We have also been up and down to the animal hospital every day with her. She really misses Tribble. He will hopefully come home Friday. Today I got really emotional as he wanted to come home so badly. He grabbed my arm with both front paws and would not let go. I really miss him so much and he misses us. Sky keeps on calling him. I gave him one of her blankies that he always manage to steal so that he can at least smell us close to him.


From tomorrow Sky will be going to the daymother again. That will give us time to do all our things around the house, help mum with bank and admin that needs to be sorted out. And just MAYBE we can get some much needed sleep. She used to sleep through, but since having a cold, she wakes us every 2 hours or so. We all had an awesome nap this afternoon, best birthday gift EVER!