Sky’s first vacation

We took a break (well we are still on leave for a weak) and had a good trip. We went to Graaff Reinet, then Beaufort West, then George and then Tsitsikamma. We really enjoyed the break but I’m sooooo glad to be home. Sky has a very bad cold, although she seems so much better today. She really enjoyed meeting my family and they loved playing with her. It was precious to see my half-sisters and stepmom really bonding with her. My dad also tried bonding with her, but Sky is very shy when it comes to men all of a sudden. Unless it’s boys!

We stood in the queue at the pharmacy in Beaufort West and there was a little boy (about 18 months) with his parents behind us. The two were playing around and the next moment Sky pops out the boys dummy and tries to put it in her mouth! Thank goodness she had hers in her mouth already! We will have to watch this little diva – swopping dummies with boys at this age already! 😉


We have also been up and down to the animal hospital every day with her. She really misses Tribble. He will hopefully come home Friday. Today I got really emotional as he wanted to come home so badly. He grabbed my arm with both front paws and would not let go. I really miss him so much and he misses us. Sky keeps on calling him. I gave him one of her blankies that he always manage to steal so that he can at least smell us close to him.


From tomorrow Sky will be going to the daymother again. That will give us time to do all our things around the house, help mum with bank and admin that needs to be sorted out. And just MAYBE we can get some much needed sleep. She used to sleep through, but since having a cold, she wakes us every 2 hours or so. We all had an awesome nap this afternoon, best birthday gift EVER!


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