Hair raising experience

What a hair raising experience we had yesterday. Sky has been struggling with a bald spot ever since we got her and I realized that it’s becoming bigger every time we wash her hair. Yesterday I washed her hair and starting combing it. To my totally shock and horror it all started coming loose. Like 90% of her hair just fell out! After a mini breakdown from me, she ended up totally bald! A new take on the Britney Spears saga. I had the breakdown, my child ended up bald! 😉

But I must say, she is totally rocking the bald look. And because it’s Winter she will be wearing a lot of beanies.

Port Elizabeth-20140617-02502 Port Elizabeth-20140617-02501 Port Elizabeth-20140617-02497







3 thoughts on “Hair raising experience

  1. I had a similiar experience with my eldest. Thought it was because I washed his hair too often, haha! Turned out it is quite normal for babies to loose their hair. Be assured: it grows back.

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