Where is the line? Who put the line there?

After a morning of going through Facebook and seeing some totally different perspectives it got me thinking. Firstly a friend of mine put up a painting a few days ago. She is the artist and to me it’s beautiful. But it is a painting of a ballerina with her bottom exposed. People deleted her off Facebook and had lots to say to her about it… she created a bit of a stir with her art. Secondly another friend found a picture of the snow queen – but her breasts are exposed. Again I saw the funny side while some others were outraged by the idea their kids could be Googling a naked Frozen character.

But it got me thinking, why do we make such a thing about a naked body? Is this the idea we want to give our kids – that a body is something shameful that needs to be hidden away? Does this not make the shame when something ‘bad’ happens to them even worse and they won’t tell us about it? Do I want my daughter to think her body is something shameful?

Should we not rather be telling our children that a body is something precious and beautiful and sacred? So sacred that they have the power over their own bodies and that it’s never okay that anybody makes you feel uncomfortable about their body?

I know not everybody agrees with me and I’m sure my own hubby has a different opinion on the matter, but I just think being TOO prudish is not good. Yes I do not believe in walking around half naked in public! And I don’t agree with pornography at all. But is seeing a woman’s breasts or her bottom really that bad? Don’t we just add to the whole thing? Making kids more curious about everything at an earlier age, wanting to experiment earlier and earlier. If it’s not something foreign to them but they understand the importance of taking care of themselves and respecting their bodies and those of others I really think we would have less problems.

So my question, where is the line? Who drew the line? Do we each have a different line? What happens when I don’t agree with your line, is it okay for me to force my line on you?

It just got me thinking….


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