Jealous much

We all of a sudden have a problem with all little diva’s emotions kicking in. This morning Tribble, as always wanted to be on my lap with her. She pushed him off and said “my mamma”. I thought I must be hearing things. So we tested it with her daddy. When he kisses or hugs me, she starts screaming at him, hitting her hands in the air. In Afrikaans we have a saying – Hier kom n ding… Not sure how to handle this one as EVERYBODY wants a piece of mommy in this house. She’ll just have to share.


We also had a “yeah” moment. We have been struggling with her mobility. If we put her in the walker she walks (shuffles) everywhere but putting her on her back she can’t move. She can’t turn or get up. She will stay in the position crying or just goes to sleep. If I put her on her tummy to get her to crawl she starts crying and manages to get to her back. And then stays there. While her biological mother was pregnant with her, she hid the fact and Sky was born with very stiff muscles. Her one foot almost looked like a club foot, but it’s just the muscles. We have been doing exercises with her for it from the start, but I’m realizing more and more that her whole body’s muscles are stiff. I’m trying to do some BabyNastix with her, but she cries as soon as we start. It’s really frustrating as you don’t want your child to be uncomfortable but also know you have to do if for HER.

We are taking it day by day. And today really gave me a boost to just continue pushing her bit by bit. She managed to push herself up from her feeding pillow into a sitting position. And also managed to hold herself up on one arm. YEAH!!


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