How to respond?

I seriously did not have a respond for somebody this morning, and those who knows me, know that I always have an answer. But I was just so stunned and maybe feeling a little defeated that we just can’t get people to see that a person is a person. No matter their skin colour.

I got asked this morning if it does not bother me that people say Sky looks like me. What if people think I am her biological mother. As this implicated that I slept with a black man…

I only said – so what if people think I slept with a black man. I sleep with my black baby and hug her and kiss her and love her…..

I just feel like throwing my hands in the air… And say NOTHING….


6 thoughts on “How to respond?

  1. I have learned not to be so aware of people staring at me and my precious two princesses, the youngest one not caring if their is a glare or two (can you imagine!! they know give the dirty looks for the children) but the oldest are very sensitive, and I asked the Lord how to handle this. So now when I see her whole body language, I ask her if someone give her a nasty glare and she said yes, I taught her to look in my eyes and see my love for her. Can the whole world just get to a point to see beyond skin colour!!!

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