Moving forward – almost

We had to make a difficult decision and not allow Sky in the walker anymore. It seems to do nothing for her and she’s in ‘no need’ to start crawling or moving as she can get to where she wants to be in the walker. So for two days now she has been on the floor. She really struggles to move – even when we put her on her back she can’t move or turn. This is causing so much frustrations and tears. But we kept strong and last night I came into the room after putting her on her back and she was on her tummy! I got soooooooooooooooo excited!! But now also needs to remember I can’t leave her on the bed alone anymore! I spend all my free time with her over the weekend, doing ‘pull ups’ and roll overs. And it seems to be paying off!


We are seeing an OT on Wednesday. This will also help us in the right direction. We are sure it’s just the muscles that are stiff and no permanent damage.


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