At last she crawls!!!

After lots and lots of therapy and tears Sky is crawling. And oh boy, does she ever crawl – well it’s more of a leopard crawl while kicking her legs like she’s swimming. But it works and that’s all that counts!!

It’s been a wild ride to get here and now a whole new phase starts. The – don’t touch that phase! We already today had a fight. She keeps on crawling up to my computer and then pulling the wire. I spank her hand and she starts crying, grab her play phone and puts it to her ear and says: Daddy daddy! (The little snitch!) 🙂

We are really happy with her progress, she’s such a little fighter




How the months are passing by….

I can’t believe Sky will be 10 months old this week. She’s growing up so fast! She’s still not crawling but there is a lot of improvement. She’s sitting must better and rolling and there is some forward movement. We are so proud of her.

I’m also busy organizing her birthday party. I’m sooooo excited, I can’t wait anymore! Yes I know I know…. #blush


IMG_0639 Little miss diva in action


Putting things in perspective

No, this is not a post about adoption. This is a post about race. And I have something on the heart that I would like to share with you.

Going through my Facebook feed today I am reading so many ‘oh this country of ours’, ‘oh ‘they’ are dumb..’ And we all know who ‘they’ are.

People complaining about their domestics breaking some electrical appliance, etc. And asking if they actually showed the domestic how to work the appliance is received with – No, WHY? It’s just a toaster / kettle etc. They should know how to work it.

Mmmm – no. “They” don’t need to know how it works. Are you aware of the fact that most of the people living in informal settlements do not have electricity, bathrooms or even windows? Just to give you an example: While working in Kleinskool, just outside Port Elizabeth, we had this old lady wanting to ‘go’ outside. We told her, NO, you can’t go outside and took her inside, showed her the toilets and said she must go there. No, no, she can’t do that!! She was so upset but my staff just took her into the bathroom and left her there. They came calling me later. This 80 year old lady has NEVER seen a toilet before in her life! She did not know how to use it, so she ‘went’ on the floor. They were very upset but I told them to clean it up. They should have given her the time to explain!

Moral of the story, don’t assume people are stupid because they don’t know something. Just take a few minutes and teach somebody something new. It might actually change their lives – and yours in the process. Just saying…


Small miracles of having a shy baby

Thank goodness Sky is a shy baby, because if she had to throw a tantrum at the OT like she just did because I wanted her to crawl, I would have to crawl into a hole! I’m pretty sure the neighbours think I was trying to kill her. This little diva sure has a pair of lungs on her!

The OT is going slowly. We don’t see that much difference yet, but it’s only once a week and we don’t want to push her. The therapist is such a lovely girl and she’s treating her with care. We are sitting in on the sessions and we are trying to do the same at home and THAT’s where little diva just decides – I behave for strangers, NOT for mommy.

It’s emotionally draining for us to see her suffer. She’s really trying but she is struggling with the movement. We are not pushing her at all but we also realize that we have to make sure she does have ‘tummy time’.. And at this stage, tummy times equals tantrums. My poor, weak heart….