Small miracles of having a shy baby

Thank goodness Sky is a shy baby, because if she had to throw a tantrum at the OT like she just did because I wanted her to crawl, I would have to crawl into a hole! I’m pretty sure the neighbours think I was trying to kill her. This little diva sure has a pair of lungs on her!

The OT is going slowly. We don’t see that much difference yet, but it’s only once a week and we don’t want to push her. The therapist is such a lovely girl and she’s treating her with care. We are sitting in on the sessions and we are trying to do the same at home and THAT’s where little diva just decides – I behave for strangers, NOT for mommy.

It’s emotionally draining for us to see her suffer. She’s really trying but she is struggling with the movement. We are not pushing her at all but we also realize that we have to make sure she does have ‘tummy time’.. And at this stage, tummy times equals tantrums. My poor, weak heart….


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