Some healthy Kiddie Snacks

18 Kid-Friendly Snack Hacks

As summer is in full swing, we are breaking out more convenience foods and snacks. Our summers are full of activities and I love grabbing snacks for the kids to eat after the pool, or during a visit to the zoo.

18 food hacks and diy tips

Here are some of the tips and hacks that have helped make our summer easier.

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18 food hacks and diy tips

Get Organized

Have a bin of snacks ready and waiting in the fridge.  This is great for portion control and encourages diversity.  Kids have to eat the whole bin before it’s replenished.  via – Iheartorganizing

Don’t search for your kids cups.  Glue magnets to the sides of their cups and your kids can stick cups onto the fridge.  When they want a drink they can use the fridge dispenser and put the cup back on the fridge. via – Dayna Made It.

Have your fridge organized so you don’t spend time looking for food or forgetting about a veggie or snack. via – Glamorous Housewife.

Cut up apples ahead of time and then wrap a rubber band around the slices.  This will keep them from turning brown. via –  A helicopter mom

Enjoy drip-free popsicles.  Fill the popsicle molds with jello.  Tastes great and are less messy!
18 food hacks and diy tips


Play Date Tips

Give your kids cups of dip along with their veggies.  This is a great make-ahead tip that works well for playdates and parties.  No double dipping!  via – Floor 24

Cut slivers of oranges in a jiffy – no more peeling and picking off the white of the orange!

Layer a cake evenly with the help of dental floss.  You can also use this tip to cut blocks of cheese or rolls of dough.  via – wiki how

Create double decker snack cups with the help of a cupcake liner.  These were a huge hit at a recent slumber party!  via- I can teach my child

18 food hacks and diy tips

Freeze sponges to create a safe, drip-free icepack alternative in a lunchbox.  The kids can even use the sponge to clean up their table before and after they are finished eating.

Transform a regular water bottle into a sippy cup by punching a hole through the lid and inserting a straw.  Perfect for a picnic.  Best part, you can dispose of it when you are done.

Portion control snacks with the help of a set of old Easter eggs.  You can even use an egg carton to transport the food.  “Egg” lunches are my kids favorite park treat.  via – Kailo Chic
18 food hacks and diy tips

Quick and Easy Treat Tips

Use a cupcake liner to contain drips when your kids are eating popscicles.   Your kids won’t be as sticky!

Create ice-cream sandwiches quick and easily with mini-icecream containers.  Heat your knife to make cutting them easier.  Then peel the carton away before eating.

Make a single serving of cake in a mere 3 minuets with only 3 ingredients.  This recipe tastes just like a mug of hot chocolate.

18 food hacks and diy tips

Easy Kid Snack Ideas

Do your kids love the icecream truck??  Mine do.  You can make your own, super cheap, and super easy ice cream treats.  Grab a selection of jello pudding cups.  Stick a popsicle stick into them and freeze them.  Pop the pudding out for a fun pop.

Yogurt dots are tasty, and easy for young tots to enjoy.  You can make your own yogurt dots all you need is wax paper, zip baggie, yogurt and a freezer. via – Small Fry

If your kids are picky eaters they will love these homemade veggie gummies.  Grab a baggie full on your way to the park.  Your kids won’t even realize all the foods they are eating.  via – Modern Parents Messy Kids


Growing up way too quickly

Our ‘baby’ is not a baby anymore. What a sad thought. But in just over a month’s time she will be 1 year old. How time has flown by! She’s crawling, standing up against things, walking if she holds onto the walker or us.


The OT told us that she needed more one on one time so we took in a full time nanny and she’s home now. Not at a daymother anymore. This gives us much more time together and we to our exercises twice a day. She loves the nanny and crawls after her everywhere she goes. It’s good to see her improving so much. Yes her muscles are still very stiff, but it’s improving daily!

Her mobility also means of lots and lots of ‘no don’t touch that’ ‘no don’t pull that’ ‘no don’t crawl there’ ‘no don’t put that in your mouth”-s

Her vocabulary  is getting better by the day as well. There’s “mamma”, “dadda’, babba, twibble (Tribble), gently (usually involving Tribble), nanna, hey girl (don’t ask), klaar (usually this announce the end of her eating, if you feel the same way, it’s your problem. Food will fly), doedoe baba (so cute), NEE (no), JA (yes) [she’s picking up Afrikaans much quicker], yummy, ai ai ai (she has the courtesy to say this before you take off her nappy to warn you), tatta, seer (don’t know how she got to this, but she knows it means hurt), chippie (this includes cheese curls and fries), tea – I’m pretty sure I’m missing some…


She is starting to follow command better as well. Clapping hands, blowing kisses, waving…


Our baby is a little girl




Living a better life

As many of you know I have PCOS as well as Endometriosis. This, especially the PCOS makes me gain weight at a tempo that is not normal, even for a small elephant! I gained almost 4 kgs last week. Just like that! To not gain weight is a constant struggle and having Sky has made me even more aware of the fact. I don’t want my child to be embarrassed by me one day. So I’ve made a decision this morning – no more. I need to live better and also provide her with healthier options. So many people are already making comments about how ‘big’ or ‘fat’ she is. She’s a big baby and she will be a big girl if I don’t create a healthier lifestyle for her.

I’ve been through a bit of a personal issue the past week and this has caused my emotional eating to get out of wack. We NEED to not let Sky find comfort in food as well. And the food that we do offer her has to be healthier options. So please stick with us as we begin a new phase in our lives. I’m pretty sure there will be a lot to learn!

I’ve created a Facebook group for mommy’s that do want to life better and feed their kiddies better. It’s bilingual so feel free to join.

I found some pretty awesome stuff already online… Like a Banana Ghost Pop!

Banana%20Ghost%20Pops (Photo and recipe from SuperHealthyKids.com)


PS. I even joined a gym… OMW!!!!!!!!