Living a better life

As many of you know I have PCOS as well as Endometriosis. This, especially the PCOS makes me gain weight at a tempo that is not normal, even for a small elephant! I gained almost 4 kgs last week. Just like that! To not gain weight is a constant struggle and having Sky has made me even more aware of the fact. I don’t want my child to be embarrassed by me one day. So I’ve made a decision this morning – no more. I need to live better and also provide her with healthier options. So many people are already making comments about how ‘big’ or ‘fat’ she is. She’s a big baby and she will be a big girl if I don’t create a healthier lifestyle for her.

I’ve been through a bit of a personal issue the past week and this has caused my emotional eating to get out of wack. We NEED to not let Sky find comfort in food as well. And the food that we do offer her has to be healthier options. So please stick with us as we begin a new phase in our lives. I’m pretty sure there will be a lot to learn!

I’ve created a Facebook group for mommy’s that do want to life better and feed their kiddies better. It’s bilingual so feel free to join.

I found some pretty awesome stuff already online… Like a Banana Ghost Pop!

Banana%20Ghost%20Pops (Photo and recipe from


PS. I even joined a gym… OMW!!!!!!!!


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