Growing up way too quickly

Our ‘baby’ is not a baby anymore. What a sad thought. But in just over a month’s time she will be 1 year old. How time has flown by! She’s crawling, standing up against things, walking if she holds onto the walker or us.


The OT told us that she needed more one on one time so we took in a full time nanny and she’s home now. Not at a daymother anymore. This gives us much more time together and we to our exercises twice a day. She loves the nanny and crawls after her everywhere she goes. It’s good to see her improving so much. Yes her muscles are still very stiff, but it’s improving daily!

Her mobility also means of lots and lots of ‘no don’t touch that’ ‘no don’t pull that’ ‘no don’t crawl there’ ‘no don’t put that in your mouth”-s

Her vocabulary  is getting better by the day as well. There’s “mamma”, “dadda’, babba, twibble (Tribble), gently (usually involving Tribble), nanna, hey girl (don’t ask), klaar (usually this announce the end of her eating, if you feel the same way, it’s your problem. Food will fly), doedoe baba (so cute), NEE (no), JA (yes) [she’s picking up Afrikaans much quicker], yummy, ai ai ai (she has the courtesy to say this before you take off her nappy to warn you), tatta, seer (don’t know how she got to this, but she knows it means hurt), chippie (this includes cheese curls and fries), tea – I’m pretty sure I’m missing some…


She is starting to follow command better as well. Clapping hands, blowing kisses, waving…


Our baby is a little girl




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