Living a privileged life

What a privileged life we live. Sky’s nanny looked very upset when I got to the lounge now and I asked her what the problem is. Her Grade 12 son went to play soccer this morning and he took his shoes off to play. When he got back, the shoes were gone. If this happened to me I would be upset and my life will go on. I will go and get another pair of shoes in my cupboard. That was his ONLY pair of shoes. He goes to school in them, plays in them, goes out in them. That’s IT! He now officially has no shoes. Luckily he wears the same size of shoes I do and I could just go into my cupboard and take out of pair of sneakers I bought but when I got home I didn’t like the way it looked with my jeans so I never used them. What a difference… I’m able to buy whatever I need. Sky has so much clothes she never wears the same outfit twice in 2 weeks. And here this child has to wear the same thing every day. This makes me sad. But also so thankful. Thankful that I have a husband that provides for us. Thankful that my business is doing well. Thankful that I know Sky will never know what if feels like to be hungry, cold or homeless.


Work at Home Mommy

There is a huge difference between being a stay at home mom and being a work at home mom. This I realize every day. I’ve had to go to meetings today and  when I came back Sky wanted nothing to do with her nanny. She wanted her mommy. I have so much work to do but she wanted attention. So I had to make a decision that no matter what else is going on, my child needs me today. She will be getting tooth nr 3 very soon and then she is very ‘needy’. But I can also just be thankful that she is not as sick as other babies sometimes gets when they are teething. So I’m counting those blessings.


The teething does make her not want to drink. I’ve realized with the first two teeth as well. As soon as the tooth is coming out, she refuses drinks. Not even her milk. As soon as the tooth is out, she drinks normally again. I’ve been watching her the past two days and I’m pretty sure the next tooth just waiting to pop out.

She is taking a nap now and this means I get time to work. I do realize today that working from home you just have to work smarter. There will be times when I just can’t get to everything and I need to let the idea of being on top of everything all the time, go. I’m human. I need to remember that. Oh and tell that to my clients as well!


Is that a gecko in your mouth?

Oh how I wish that will be the name of my book – and not the truth. Yes Sky had a gecko for breakfast. Tribble (the ginger cat) decided to bring her a gecko as a gift. I don’t even want to know how much she had before we saw her chewing on something.


She is in the “I will eat everything that is large enough to go into my mouth” stage. If it’s not cat food, it’s whatever else made it’s way onto the ground / or in arm’s reach.


It’s so amazing to us to see her grow. Every day there is a new word, a new expression, a new cute thing she comes up with. It’s unbelievable that a year ago we were still longing and praying and hoping (and not sure if we ever will be) parents. How our lives has changed!