Christmas time

Sorry that I’ve been so quiet the last while. We had some ‘stalker’ problems and that kept me from really posting here. Let’s hope the stalkers are all in their holes now…

I can’t believe that we went through our first Christmas as a family. We feel so blessed. Last year this time we were heart broken. We had a room filled with baby stuff and no baby. If just felt like we were hoping and dreaming of something that were just never meant to be. So how wonderful it is to spend this Christmas with a little toddler that just brings joy wherever she goes.

She is walking (running into everything), talking and eating by herself. And sorry to say, but she has reached the ‘terrible two’s” at the age of 14 months. She tantrums, talks back, throws herself on the floor, don’t want to share – all of the lovely terrible two stage check list is being checked – twice! It sometimes feels like I’m telling her NO the whole time. But then she gets this little naughty look in her eyes and gives me this smile that makes any heart melts.

We are busy planning her christening as we wanted to wait for her birth certificate but with the postal strike we only got the application a week ago. So we decided to not wait.

She had her first bad fall yesterday. Right into the couch. We had blood everywhere. But 5 minutes later and she was running around, dancing.

We want to thank all of our friends for bringing us through this first year. It’s been a very emotional one, but we won’t change anything. We are so blessed to have all of you to support, provide a shoulder to cry on and advice when we just can’t anymore. From the bottom of our hearts – Thank you.