School time

Okay just, playschool, but it’s still school! Sky will be going to playschool from Monday. We feel sorry for her at home. She is so bored and she needs company. It’s very difficult to keep her busy when mommy is suppose to have bed rest and runs two businesses from home. And her boredom causes her to get into trouble – WAY too often. If she’s not unpacking our cds, she’s ‘reading’ books that mommy told her to not touch. The newest game – jumping on the couches. All of them. She just never sits still. Jumping on the one, jumping off, jumping on the next one. I’m tired just watching her.

Shame she went for her 9 month injections today. Yes I know she’s 17 months old already. But when she was 9 months old we wanted to do it and she had chickenpox! I was worried taking her because it’s the measles shots, but the nurse said there is no risk to me and the baby. So she got her shots! She cried a bit, but it was soon forgotten!

We can’t believe how quickly she’ growing up. Just the other day she was our baby. Now she knows and says where her nose, ears, mouth, teeth, eyes, hair and tummy is… Oh and she knows all too well where mommy’s babbie is… She gives my tummy kisses all the time. She’s going to be such a great big sister… She’s speaking and repeats EVERYTHING we say. Also knows her colors! My mother in law could not believe that she already knows her colors. So now next – potty training! Maybe we should leave that to the playschool!