Let’s set those boundaries

What an interesting time / phase / age this is. 19 months going on 5 years! She’s cheeky, talkative, funny, brave, rude, loving, crazy, outrages and just a ball of emotions and tricks.

We hit the tantrum stage early and I must admit I’ve really had it with the tantrums.So much that on Sunday I got a few: “What a horrid mom” looks. I did get some: “Good on you” ones as well, so I suppose it all cancels each other out. After breakfast at Wimpy they gave her a balloon. (I hate those damn things!) We walked out and the wind was blowing – this is Port Elizabeth after all. I tried holding it for her but she threw a tantrum, sitting in the trolley while I’m pushing her in the wind, holding on to a silly balloon on a stick. The more I try to calm her, the more she screams and the more the wind tries to blow the thing out of my hands. Blame it on hormones, blame it on my Afrikaans blood, I really don’t care – I lost it in the middle of the parking area. I stopped, took the balloon of its stick, threw it in front of an oncoming car, walked to the trash can and threw the stick in the trash. The people around us all thought it best to just disappear at that stage. Sky knew that ‘stuff’ just got real and one more scream would cause more trouble than what she would be able to handle, so she just stared at me with big eyes. I must say, the rest of the trip went much better!


She is in a new playgroup – long story about the other one that we would rather not discuss, but we are MUCH happier in the new one. She loves it so much and the difference in our child is amazing to see. She also started potty training and she is doing SOOOOO well. My baby is really not a baby anymore!

She’s started to make more sense every day and she sings “Twinkle little star”, Old McDonald, Baba Black sheep, I love you, you love me etc. She does like mixing it up and then we have Twinkle little Old Mcdonals, black sheep I love you, quack quack DUCK! Which causes for lots of laughs. And she loves entertaining us, so the more we laugh, the more she entertains. Just stopping for a quick: “Oh I’m so funn”y, now and again…

We are preparing for her little sister. She’s definitely aware of things and she has become very clingy at times, not wanting to share me even with the cats. She would slap at them, saying: “No go away, my mommy”. We are trying to deal with it as much as we can, got her some toys for when the baby comes – a doll plus a carry cot that looks just like the one we will be bringing the baby home in. Let’s hope it works! I did a photoshoot for a friend’s baby last week and Sky got home just as I started with the shoot. She wanted the baby’s dummy, the toys, screamed when I came near the baby. I ended up doing the shoot with her hanging between my legs. I can see there will be a lot of ‘fun and games’ coming…..