Going Organic

Poor Sky has been battling with bad allergies the last bit and after much investigating we realized that it’s juice. Esp Oros. The poor child can’t breathe, coughing to a point that she can’t sleep etc. We had to take her off most juice, we just can’t seem to find something that works for her. I’m busy finding better options for her – flavored water (home made) seems to just be YUKKY. So she’s on water and rooibos tea at the moment. Any suggestions are welcome!


I’ve started a Facebook group for those mommies that wants to find more organic options for their little ones. You are welcome to join, ask questions and give advice! Facebook Group






2 thoughts on “Going Organic

  1. I tried to join the Facebook group but the link won’t work. What is the group called? I’ll search it there. I constantly look for organic options for my son and would love to share ideas.

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