How do we raise this new generation?

We have been discussing this a lot the last few weeks. We are ‘old school’ parents. Like really old school. Believe that Sky needs to read, build puzzles, color in, play outside in the dirt. I am so worried about her watching too much television and being too exposed to technology at an early age. And I’m not saying this in a ‘Oh I’m doing a better job than anybody else, because I’m pretty sure I’m NOT’, but I do see the difference in Sky to other children her own age. She has been taken from her pre-two year old class and is now with the 3 to 4 year old because she is just so advanced that she needs to be with the older children. Daddy is very happy about his bright spark, but as mommy my first reaction was – is she ready? I don’t want to push her, but she is holding her own against the older children and she is passing some of them already. Once again, this is not a brag post, this is a – I’m thinking out loud about where we go from here- post.


A lot of our friends has been asking me to share some of the things we are doing with her and I’ve been thinking about new things for her to do all the time. I’m also planning her birthday party already and with the two things on my mind I’m considering extending my party busy to an ‘organic option’… Renting out some of our water walls, our sand walls, our play bucket that we use for sensory development. I’ve been using a lot of those kind of games and she loves it. And in the same breathe, it’s not the standard jumping castle, touch farm party that the children are already getting fed up with. We have stopped buying her toys. I make her bottles etc to play with. We spend so much money on bath toys and she’s not even interested in them, she wants her bottles.


Being a ‘geeky’ family we also love doing experiments like fake snow etc. I’m still in the planning stages of everything but my first ‘prettier’ water wall should be ready this week. I’m just hoping for some better weather tomorrow that I can do the last bit of paining on it. I will post some pics of it as soon as it is ready. I would like to get some feed back from everybody – would you be interested in something like this for a party rather than the jumping castle / touch farm option? It will be a much more interactive party as the parents will actually have to play with the children (the shock! the HORROR!!!).


Please drop me a line if you think something like this will be worth a try


This is what our play bucket looks like. Thanks to Happy Hooligans for the idea and picture:



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