Breastfeeding dilemma

Being 8 months pregnant is causing a lot of decision to be made that I never thought I would need to make. Including if I’m going to breastfeed. My first and instant reaction is HELL NO! But the research is there – breastfeeding is best. And with both our medical histories I know the right thing to do is to breastfeed. But I’m totally freaked out by the idea. I’m going for a workshop next week and then I will have to make the final decision although I know what my decision should be….


The other part of this decision is – am I then going to bond differently with my two children? Will this affect Sky? How will she cope with this? She is all of a sudden VERY protective of me. She won’t allow anybody to touch me. It’s just ‘mommy mommy’ and she will even push the cats off me if they try to sit on my lap. We have some plans for when Abby comes, but the breastfeeding does bring in a whole new level of debate. Hubby is amazing and supports me in whatever I decide. Even when I decided to op for a c-section rather than normal birth he just went with my decision without asking why….


I am becoming more open to the idea of breastfeeding that what I used to be. I am so in ‘awe’ of women that find this natural. To me it’s such a foreign subject. I can’t even imagine doing it. The closer we do come to due date, the more open I am becoming to it, but still the idea gives me a sinking feeling in my stomach. What to do, what to do……….


2 thoughts on “Breastfeeding dilemma

  1. Hey Sweeties, Sky wont mind, its a womans super power (ok one of them) to feed her children with her own body… and its not weird. Promise, it will be ok. Remember above all a relaxed mommy makes lots of milk. Bonding is an emotion not a physical action. You can bond in many physical ways, breastfeeding is one of them. Its not the actual breastfeeding but rather the skin on skin time. Trust me, when they bite you don’t feel a lot of bonding going on… ooops forgot trying to convince you to breastfeed. Just do it, just bring that little face near your breast as soon as you can after birth and watch one of the wonders of God. Babies turn their little faces towards your breasts as if they know you’ve got the good stuff in there just for them.
    Both your little girls are miracle kids enjoy any and every moment with them for what it is and dont worry about how it plays out. Love is the only thing that becomes more the more you use it.
    Sky’s possessive streak is also normal milestone development for her age not necessary little sister causing it. Wait till you are traded in for Dad, this follows around three years… nice one when they trade you in..

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