Last stretch…..

This is really the last streeeeeeeeetch… I know it’s only 3 more weeks to go officially, but it feels like forever until Abby is here. And it might even be sooner. Not to go into too much details but I’ve been to the doctor and the ‘process’ has started and she seems to be very ready to come out. I’m showing signs of going into labor and we are watching and resting…. Well resting as much as I can. I’m so uncomfortable just sitting is a mission. But so is sleeping and standing and eating and walking and breathing….


I must admit I’m a bit freaking out about the next few weeks. I still have a wedding to do next weekend and I’m not sure if I’m up to it. I do have a back up if I’m not up to it, but back ups cost money and we are saving every cent we can at the moment to make up for the time I won’t be able to work. But I believe there is a plan for this little miracle and that the Lord will provide.


Sky is still very jealous and she’s so aware of my body. She’s aware of every change in my body and comments on it, wants to touch and asks questions. I try to answer her as honest as possible on her level. She seems very excited that there is a baby in my tummy. Let’s hope the excitement stays when the baby actually becomes ‘real’.


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