Happy birthday Sky

Today two years ago Sky was born, in a taxi, on her way to hospital. The biological mom went in, signed what she needed to sign and went home. Nobody knew she was pregnant and nobody to this day knows. But she did the right, brave thing. She gave life to our beautiful, happy, funny little diva. Things could have been so different if she decided to have an abortion. But she did what was right and gave us an amazing gift. For that, I say thank you. You truly blessed us beyond words with your selfless gift.


To Sky: Today you are 2 years old. You were born into this world – alone. I could not hold you for the first 2 months of your life. You didn’t have somebody to call mommy that first 2 months but you grew strong and you survived. But then a miracle happened and you became our little girl. From day one you only brought us joy, happiness and laughter. You are such an amazing little girl and we can’t wait to see what the future holds. You have so much potential and no matter how rocky your start was, we know you are destined for great things. We are so proud of you. Of who you are, of your heart and your spirit. You really do live up to your Xhosa name – Limyoli (One that brings joy). Never loose your sense of wonder, your wicked sense of humor and your sparkle. You are meant to stand out, never try to fit in. We love you to the moon and back.