Why “Dear White People”

I wrote my previous letter to white people. Because I wanted white people to understand what people of different color go through on a daily basis. Addressing ‘white’ people, I, in no manner insinuated that all white people are racists. I did not even try to claim that. My letter was to try and educate. Not racists, but all white people to try and explain to them that people of color are being treated differently, if we want to except or acknowledge  it or not. I am not saying YOU (the person reading this) is the racist, I am saying there are racists among us and that my one child is being treated differently than the other one because of their skin color. No other reason. I have two amazing, beautiful daughters, but they are treated differently because the one has a darker skin.

The letter did not say – dear white people you are racists, the letter said – dear white people please try to understand. Liberal or racist. Either way, until you have loved a person of color or lived with them in one house or have been out with them in public, you will not know. I never knew how much racism there were until we adopted. I have never been a racist, but I was just never aware of the amount of hate towards people of color there were. It shocked me to the core. And by “black people’ I meant every person of color. I have personal experience because my daughter are black. If she was brown, or Indian or any other color I would have written my letter from that perspective.

So please don’t think I am calling people out a whole nation as racists, I am trying to let a whole nation understand that this is happening and that is why people are upset. Not because of one silly woman with a facebook account that went finger happy. It’s a daily thing and that’s why people are upset.


One thought on “Why “Dear White People”

  1. Yeah, I guess you should have called it Dear Racist White people… On the other hand, there’s a group of white people that believes ALL white people are racist. Yes, white people. Just because they don’t call people monkeys doesn’t mean they don’t believe they are racist. Point being, they’d totally agree with your title. We can’t please everybody all the time. Just keep writing. And thank you for engaging so politely. I believe your post hit the nerves of some of those allegedly unconscious racists. All I know is that what you live with now after Sky, is what I grew up and see happening to my children and myself. And it’s not ok. And nothing has changed. And I am sad too.

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