About us

We are two 36 year olds that adopted a sweet little angel called Sky. We are still in the process of all the legal issues but things seem to be on track. Everyday is a new experience and we are loving every moment with our little gift. She really changed our lives in every aspect. Join us on our daily journey of laughter, joy and happiness, but also the difficulties we face with having a multiracial family


5 thoughts on “About us

  1. With new parents as keen and dedicated as you two are, Sky is going to be the luckiest baby on Earth! Best of luck, and God’s richest blessings for 2014.

  2. Hi there…Quick question. Who did you adopt through? We are going to start the process next month (orientation meetings with two agencies-still deciding which to go through) but just wondering how you went about it and the pros and cons of the party you used…I think email would be better if you folk are willing -and have the time-to answer 🙂
    Email addres

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