I’m back and even more determined to have healthier children. Our little one is 3 weeks old today and she is just adorable! BUT – she is allergic to milk. Because she was prem and is just soooo small she just could not breastfeed. I was very upset about the fact that we just could not get food into her and I made a decision to put her on formula. I was crying so much the poor nurses had to calm me down! I wanted to do what is best for her but at that stage getting food into her was my main goal. She dropped a lot of weight and she was just not getting anywhere with breast. In any case – we put her on formula and that started 2 weeks of chaos. Nothing worked. She kept on screaming every time she had milk in her. The pediatrician suggested a few things and we ended up going with soya as the milk just did not work with her. She’s still cramping a LOT but it’s much better and I know we have to just let it work through her system.

With all of that going on Sky’s allergies got so out of control that she had a seizure and stopped breathing in my arms. I’ve never been so scared in my life! Luckily hubby was home and we got her to ER in a few minutes. But almost week later I still see her lifeless eyes looking up at me and her breathing just stopping. It seems the allergies gave her airway infection that we just did not pick up.Her fever spiked to over 40 without warning.

So yes here I am with two amazing girls that I need to do the right thing with to make sure they are healthy. One thing this has taught us is that no matter if one of our daughters are not our biological child, we love them the same. When this happened to Sky we just rushed to ER, nothing else mattered at that stage. We left the doors of our house open as in all the chaos I could not find my keys. I did not care if they took everything we had, as long as my child was okay.

Sky is still struggling to deal with the new baby. She’s really moody and tantrums are plenty and not so far in between…The first time she saw Abby she told me to put her back in my tummy and her feelings seems to be the same 3 weeks later. She will come closer now when I feed Abby and she seems to be more at ease with her in the house, but she’s really acting out. We have had some epic fights the last week…. But we know this too shall pass…. And we know that we would not change anything, we are just so blessed to have to amazing daughters.